About Us

My name is Pam Martin. I love to scrapbook in my spare time, which is how this crafters' consignment sale all began -- with the need to clean out my craft room! As I was trying to find a new home for my like-new items that I no longer needed, I thought that there must be crafters who have lots of things they would like to clean out of their craft space, but they just don't know the best way to go about finding a new home for their items. I had participated in children's clothing consignment sales in the past, and so the idea of a consignment-type sale for craft items was borne. I loved the idea of the opportunity for crafters to make some extra money, while allowing others to purchase craft materials for new projects at more reasonable prices than purchasing them new.

With a purpose and a passion for coordinating events, the first Crafters' Exchange consignment sale was held in April of 2014. At the time of the first sale, there were a couple of reasons that I wanted to select a local charity to donate to through the event. One was that a company I was involved with was doing a donation drive for domestic violence charities. And the second was that right before my mother passed away in the fall of 2013, I found out that she used to volunteer for and was on the board of our local domestic violence center when I was a young child. So I met with our local domestic violence center and used our first consignment sale as an avenue to collect monetary donations and wish list items that we were able to give to our local organization.

As the Crafters' Exchange events have evolved each year, I have continued to use it as an avenue to help local charities through each sale. There is absolute joy in helping others, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to my community through this event each year. My hope is for Crafters' Exchange to become a well-known, annual event in our community that supports and benefits local charities, and also assists crafters in earning some extra income, while helping crafters find great bargains on tools and materials used to create to their heart's content.

See the impact we have had in our community! Click on Charities to see the organizations we have contributed to from our past events.