Drop-off / Pickup


Please allow 15-30 minutes for check-in, based upon the number of items you have. Quality is what makes Crafters delighted. Our goal is designing a high standard for you, our consignors and customers.

  1. Log into the system and schedule your drop-off time at least two weeks before the sale dates.
  2. To help the drop-off process go smoothly and quickly, please have your items sorted by craft type when you drop off your items.
  3. When you arrive to drop your items off, check in with us at the receiving table. Sign in and take care of all paperwork before bringing your items in. Once you have signed in, bring your items to the check-in area. There will be a dolly available, should you need one. We will check your items to be sure they are acceptable and tagged correctly before they are placed on the sales floor.
  4. Once your items have been accepted, take your items to the designated areas and put them on the appropriate tables or in the designated bins.
  5. Reasons your items may not be acepted into the sale:
    • Item not in working order
    • Item is dirty and not presentable to be displayed on the sales floor
    • Item is not craft releated


Consignors must pick up their items that did not sell, unless you have elected to donate your items to our charity. If you do not pick up your items during the designated pickup hours, we will assume you did not want your items returned, and they will become the property of Crafters' Exchange. Any furniture items that did not sell must be picked up. Furniture items will not be donated.

After the sale has concluded, we need time to separate all the items by consignor before you arrive to pick them up. If you arrive before the designated pickup time, you may have to wait until we are finished sorting, so that we can ensure all items are returned to the appropriate consignor. You may send someone else to pick up your items. Make sure they know your consignor number so they can find your items!

  1. When you arrive to pick up your items, come see us at the consignor checkout table first. We will double-check your consignor details and point you in the direction of where your items have been placed for pickup.
  2. Go to the sales floor and find your items. They will be arranged by consignor number.
  3. Check unclaimed tags and lost and found to see if anything belongs to you.
  4. Bring your items to the checkout table so we can double-check them and make sure no mistakes were made in sorting your items. You will then sign out, showing that you have taken your items home.

REMINDER: Items left after the pickup time will become the property of Crafters' Exchange.