Tagging Guidelines

For everyone 's convenience, please follow all of these tagging guidelines! They have been put in place to help with a faster checkout process for the customer. Visit our blog for more detailed tagging guidelines - http://www.crafters-exchange.blogspot.com

  1. ALL sections of the tag should be filled out. Use a good description of the item so that the tag could be matched back up to the item if they got separated. Place the tag where it's easily accessible at checkout. DO NOT put the tag inside plastic bags. Tags must be adhered to the outside of your item so it can be read by the barcode scanner.
  2. You must only use white cardstock paper (at least 60# or 67# cardstock.) No multicolor or patterned paper. The system will print 8 tags per page.
  3. Our preference is for you to use packing tape or staples to attach your tags to your items. If it is not feasible to attach the tag with packing tape or a stapler, you may use a safety pin, painter's tape, or masking tape. Use whatever method you think will work best to adhere well to your item. DO NOT COVER THE BARCODE WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN PACKING TAPE OR SCOTCH TAPE.
  4. It is best to put small items in plastic bags with a closure, either a Ziploc bag or any plastic bag that can be stapled, taped, or tied securely. Attach the tags to plastic bags with packing tape or staples to the top of the bag.
  5. To sell multiple items together, put as much into one bag or box as you can and label the tag on the main bag or box and include in the description of the tag how many parts there are, for example, "part 1 of 3." You will only print one tag from the online system for these items so that there is only one barcode to scan at checkout. You will need to create manual index card tags for parts 2 of 3 and 3 of 3, in our example. The only information that is needed on the manual index card tags are your consignor number, the item description, and "part 2 of 3," "part 3 of 3," etc.